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The Fifth 总统 of 菠菜导航网大全

Dr. 十大菠菜导航网址

Dr. 十大菠菜导航网址, 菠菜导航网大全公司的第五任总裁, is an experienced educator and dedicated minister of God’s truth to students. Driven by the Holy Spirit, Dr. Rakes is passionate about guiding Christians to get on board with the ways God is moving in their communities. With a depth of k现在ledge in higher education, long-range strategic planning, 社区参与, Dr. Rakes is an effective leader committed to the work of raising up future generations of Christ followers.


In every duty of the presidency, Dr. Rakes relies on the guidance of the Holy Spirit to chart the course for EU. Recognizing the Spirit as the source of empowerment and inspiration for all believers, Dr. Rakes has placed special emphasis on building a university experience that immerses students in the Spirit’s presence. From powerful chapel 服务s to special times of fellowship and fun, Dr. Rakes is engaged in the work of introducing EU students to the power of the Holy Spirit in their everyday lives.



迈克是一名教育家, 动力, 作者, 牧师, 和讲故事的人, 还有他和他的妻子, 达拉, are passionate about cultivating the Spirit-inspired virtues of compassion, 服务, and truth in the lives of students. As a couple and ministry partners, the Rakes are a dynamic team dedicated to the gospel-oriented work of the Church through Christian higher education.

Building the University of the Future



在博士, 耙子的领导, Evangel’s campus is undergoing significant and necessary transformation, including the installation of 英勇的法院 and the major overhaul of gas and water systems.



The addition of full-stage LED screens 还有一个新的音响系统 in Spence Chapel have enhanced the chapel experience for students, faculty, and staff.



The renovation of the Cantrell 学生会, including the installation of LED screens and a karaoke stage, is another notable transformation on campus.

在这里. 现在. 活动标志.

在这里. 现在.

In July 2022, Evangel announced the 在这里. 现在. 运动, a set of campus upgrades to enhance the student experience. 了解更多菠菜导航网大全这里. 现在. 运动 at the link below.

菠菜导航网大全 campus

A Commitment to Innovation

In his mission to make Evangel the Spirit-driven university of the future, Dr. Rakes envisions that every EU graduate will be a compassionate innovator. 不管他们的职业, God is calling Evangel to impact the world as creative problem-solvers, 动态的冒险者, and caring community members, and those virtues start in the classroom. With over 70 degree programs, EU students receive a Christ-centered education from a faculty of top scholars and practitioners, equipping them to become the compassionate innovators of tomorrow. Learn more about Evangel’s academic programs below.

博士著作. 十大菠菜导航网址

Sling and Stones book cover

索具 & Stones: How God Works in the Mind to Inspire Courage in the Heart

投降了 & 无畏的书封面

投降了 & 不再害怕: The Flourishing of Faith During Seasons of Suffering

菠菜导航网大全在 十大菠菜导航网址

菠菜导航网大全 is proud to be featured in season six of 十大菠菜导航网址, a TV series showcasing colleges and universities of distinction across the United States!

菠菜导航网大全在 的观点

菠菜导航网大全 is featured as a premiere institution of higher education on “的观点,,由Dennis Quaid主持, an informative series that delves into diverse topics impacting society, ranging from science and technology to arts and culture.


2021年至今: 总统, 菠菜导航网大全

2006 – 2021: Lead 牧师, Winston Salem First, Winston-Salem, NC

2009-2012: Founder, Bridges Christian College, New Orleans, LA

2000-2006: Vice 总统 for Student Development, Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL

1993-1999: Department Chair (Practical Ministry) and Professor, Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL

1996-2003: Church planter, GreeneWay Church, Orlando, FL

2000-2006: Consultant and Curriculum Writer, The Character Company, Myrtle Beach, SC

1991-1996: Senior Pastor, Calvary Assembly, Winter Haven, FL



2021: 出版了第二本书, 投降了 & 不再害怕: The Flourishing of Faith During Seasons of Suffering

2015: 出版了第一本书, 索具 & Stones: How God Works in the Mind to Inspire Courage in the Heart

2013-2021: Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Oral Roberts University, Leadership Committee member

2009: Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach with Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)

2006: Created church-based cohorts for M.A. degree in Florida and North Carolina