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菠菜导航网大全文化的很大一部分是菠菜导航网大全. That is why Evangel is primarily a residential campus for all traditional-aged undergraduate students, unless you live at home and commute to campus or meet one of the other qualifications (see 校外住宿要求). You can also see frequently asked questions about roommate matching, 房间分配, 及其他房屋政策(常见问题及房屋政策)查阅更多资料. Evangel operates in compliance with the Fair 住房 Act and the 504 Rehabilitation Act concerning 服务及援助动物.

Each residence hall is managed by full-time Residence Directors (RDs), 硕士级成人, 谁住在每个大厅的公寓里. They oversee the care and social aspect of the students who reside there, as well as lead educational programming teams in outside-the-classroom-learning opportunities for all students. Resident Assistants (RAs) are trained student leaders who reside on each floor to assist students and create an atmosphere of community and respect. 另外, 每个大厅都有楼层和大厅活动团队, who plan and implement activities to encourage relationships and growth.

从室友关系到宿舍传统, 你的经历可以帮助你以你从未想象过的方式发展, all while being surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded believers to take this journey with you. 当然, the foundation of this tight-knit community is formed in the residence halls where new and returning students, 从大一到大四, 一起体验生活. You can build relationships with others from around the state or around the world; friendships that will enrich your life and last a lifetime.


Evangel’s residence halls are all similar in structure and design, with double occupancy rooms. There is a shared bathroom between each set of two rooms so no more than four students share the facilities. The residence buildings are 3 to 4 stories tall, with 6 to 8层. 我们还在每个宿舍提供免费洗衣机. First floor lobbies are newly renovated and students use both first and second floor lobbies as their “living rooms.”

Residence hall living brings many opportunities for involvement with all kinds of floor and hall activities, 以及领导的可能性. 学生 can get involved in weekly floor devotions in addition to other community outings. There are hundreds of opportunities to serve in leadership as resident assistants, 门徒训练领导人, 门徒管理员, 或者在大厅和议会上. 学生 also personalize their environments with mission-oriented themes and floor designs. 我们鼓励你参观我们的校园和检查我们的宿舍!



伯吉斯大厅是一栋四层的建筑, 有8层, 在校园的北侧,有275名女性称其为家.


克劳斯大厅是一栋三层楼的建筑, 有6层 on the north side of campus and a capacity to house 190 men.


刘易斯大厅, 最大的住宅楼, 有4个故事, 8层, 在校园的北边. 刘易斯大学有325名学生. Women live on the north side of the building and men live on the south side.


斯科特大厅是一栋三层楼的建筑, 有6层, 位于校园南侧,可容纳190人. 这个大厅是校园里唯一的男子荣誉楼.


斯宾塞大厅 is a 3-story building on the south side of campus and can house up to 160 women. 这个大厅是女性荣誉楼的所在地.


沃尔特大厅 is a newly renovated, 3-story building on the south side of campus. Women live on the north side of the building and men live on the south side.



每个宿舍都有一台微波炉, 制冰机, 还有一个供学生使用的水瓶加气站.


  • 地毯
  • 空调
  • 水槽和梳妆台
  • 两张单人床. 男床有超长的床垫. 女生如有需要,可要求加长型床垫.
  • 两张带椅子的桌子
  • 一个四抽屉柜
  • 两个壁橱(每个壁橱46英寸x 21英寸,有两个搁板)
  • 标准视窗(开口为34 " x44 ")
  • A bathroom with a tub/shower and a toilet connects the two rooms in each suite



  • 超长双人床垫套(必选)
  • Linens * (bring sheets that are designed to fit both regular and extra-long mattresses – we have a mixture.)
  • 毯子
  • 床罩
  • 衣架
  • 毛巾
  • 清洁用品
  • 洗衣粉
  • 废纸篓
  • 个人卫生用品
  • 塑料储存容器

为了您的方便, 我们已经与dorify合作,提供一个简单的, 以经济实惠的方式购买大号床上用品, 宿舍存储解决方案, and everything else you’ll need (and want) for your new home away from home. 请浏览evc.的寝室.com 准备好入住的日子,建造你的梦想宿舍!


  • 吹风机
  • 卷发棒
  • 剃须刀
  • 咖啡壶
  • 爆米花波普尔
  • 时钟
  • 广播/立体声
  • 粉丝
  • Headphones (for students who prefer to study with music/TV and have roommates who don’t)
  • 小微波*
  • 笔记本电脑/ PC机
  • 电视,DVD
  • 火锅(没有打开或暴露的加热元件)
  • 冰箱(仅最小尺寸-约3立方英尺)
    Note: All appliances must use a power strip with an electrical breaker switch


  • 图片、海报等. (用海报钉挂,因为钉子是不允许的)
  • 空气清新剂、花香剂等. (禁止使用任何明火)
  • 小沙发、小沙发或小椅子
  • 小型观赏鱼(不允许其他宠物)



Eight main computer labs are available to all students campus wide. 艺术 & 每个通信系都有计算机实验室. 每个宿舍都有一个24小时开放的计算机实验室.


Your enrollment deposit is only paid once at the beginning of your time at Evangel and secures your enrollment each semester. Your enrollment deposit is fully refundable until May 1 for Fall enrollment and December 1 for Spring enrollment. 报名保证金在截止日期后不予退还.



新生和重新入学的学生一次性支付, 200美元入学押金, 在他们被录取为学生之后. Online instructions and roommate matching surveys are automatically emailed upon acceptance.


If you have selected on-campus housing and need to cancel your housing, 请联系住房办公室和你的招生顾问. 有关退款信息,请参阅入学押金政策. 因为你的入学押金与住房无关, canceling your housing to become an approved commuter student does not result in a refund of the enrollment deposit.

Can my enrollment deposit be taken from my future financial aid package?

Deposits cannot be taken from future financial aid not yet applied to the student account.


是的, your enrollment deposit is credited to your account and is used against your first semester costs.

Can I choose my roommate, the room, and residence hall I want to live in?

我们希望你有自己选择的室友,所以, 是的, 你可以选择你的室友, as long as both students are eligible and request the same person. 房间首先分配给归国学生. 我们将尽力为您提供第一选择, 但是房间和宿舍是分配给新生的, 按入学日期交纳押金, 基于可用性.


We can match you with a compatible roommate using a detailed roommate matching survey. Returning students select their own roommates or are assisted in the process each semester by their Residence Director.


Returning students may request a private room at an additional cost, 一经财务处批准. 大一新生有室友.


Residential students have a traditional meal plan and have the option of adding Valor Bucks, 如果需要. Commuter students may purchase optional block meal plans (45 or 75 meals) and/or Valor Bucks. 请与住房部主任联系,了解膳食计划的选择. If you have health needs that require significant dietary restrictions, 我们的餐饮服务人员也许能满足您的需要.



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